This is not our first rodeo

We started in 2019 where Luuk and Olivier built the Moondance with help of friends and familie. since then we have been sailing and skiing in the most beautiful areas blabla…

Sleep on The Moondance

The Moondance will be you home. The 57ft Koopmand is built for extreme weather and will keep you warm blamable

Your joined by an amazing crew and certified guide

Our crew is always expanding. But we make sure we have experts on board who take their job very serious but also keep a happy atmosphere. 

Quick view on our 2023 progrom


Sail & Ski Steigen

📍 Norway 📅 Feb ⚓ Moondance
Skiing and Sailing in Norway’s hidden gem Steigen area


Sail & Ski Senja & Lyngen

📍 Norway 📅 Mar & Apr ⚓ Moondance
Ski and Sail the backcountry of Senja and Lyngen Alps from fjord to fjord.


Sail & Ski Finnmark

𖡡 Norway 📅 Apr & May ⚓ Moondance
Explore Norway’s most remote fjordscape skiing and sailing.


Sail & Explore Lofoten

𖡡 Norway 📅 Jun & Jul ⚓ Moondance

Cruise down the highlights in Lofoten and Ofoten islands.

No matter what journey you choose, you will embark into pure exploration. We put together a highly skilled, young, and passionate team to take the most out of your journey.

Some of our team members

Our Mothership "Moondance"

57ft Koopmans

Moondance is a custom built state of the art Koopmans from 2007, designed by Dick Koopmans jr. and built at the Koopmans Wharf in Sneek (NL). Due to its durability and comfort she is ideal for expeditions to Norway, Iceland and Greenland.
The inside will give you a spacious and sturdy look & feel. We have redesigned the inside back in 2020, offering berths for a total of 6 guests (+1 guide), sufficient heating, bathroom including hot shower, equipment storage and much more.

Absolutely the craziest adventure I've been on in 2022. Luuk and Olivier are amazing hosts (also great ups for the hard working crew on board like Erin!!) and make sure you're comfortable on the Moondance. The beds are super comfy (very important to me, ha!) and the boat is very well built. I cannot wait to go back!

Sjoerd Wess

Part of Ski and Sail Lyngen Alps