We have designed various journeys in the Northern Hemisphere. Ranging from easy access to a more expedition style approach.

Please mail / call us and we would gladly discuss a suitable trip according to your needs.


Complete overview on our 2023 program


Sail & Ski Steigen

πŸ“ Norway πŸ“… Feb βš“ Moondance
Skiing and Sailing in Norway’s hidden gem Steigen area


Sail & Ski Senja & Lyngen

πŸ“ Norway πŸ“… Mar & Apr βš“ Moondance
Ski and Sail the backcountry of Senja and Lyngen Alps from fjord to fjord.


Sail & Ski Finnmark

π–‘‘ Norway πŸ“… Apr & May βš“ Moondance
Explore Norway’s most remote fjordscape skiing and sailing.


Sail & Explore Lofoten

π–‘‘ Norway πŸ“… Jun & Jul βš“ Moondance

Cruise down the highlights in Lofoten and Ofoten islands.


Ocean Sailing

π–‘‘ Ocean πŸ“… Feb – Okt βš“ Moondance

Learn how to sail, make miles or just enjoy the big blue.


Custom Itinerary

π–‘‘ Arctic πŸ“… Feb – Okt βš“ Moondance

Create te trip of your dreams anywhere in the Arctic.